Kristīne Freiberga is a young Latvian researcher, who focuses her studies in cultural economics, cultural management and cultural events analysis. Since 2016 she participates in the State research programme HABITUS. For last four years she has been active in the fields of culture education and music, while working as a project manager and event organizer in Riga Cathedral Choir School ( Since 2016 she teaches cultural management in Riga Cathedral Choir School, and reads lectures in cultural economics in the The University College of Economics and Culture. In 2015 she graduated cum laude from Latvian Academy of Culture and received Master's degree in Culture management and creative industries. Kristine Freiberga in her Master thesis about the economic impact of World Choir Games 2014 reviewed models for economic impact analysis, motivation for performing such researches, arguments against such studies were evaluated together with general research development trends and experiences of foreign researchers. In the nearest future she plans to broaden her academic experience in post-graduate studies. Her interests are related to choir music, actively visiting cultural events, travelling, and cinema production through participation in short-film projects.